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FFT - Partner for flexible production facilities

Single-source, turn-key systems

Interlinking our engineering, plant construction and project management skills enables us to guarantee that equipment will start up without any difficulties.

With our sister company EDAG, engineering partner for complete vehicles and production plants, we offer "production-driven product development" to create perfectly fitting and economically optimised production plants for you.

To us, the integration of modern 3D technology and digital factory tools, and the systematic use of these through to virtual start-up are the basis of flexible equipment concepts. The advantage to the customer that this produces stems from the fact that the production equipment has reached a higher degree of maturity before the system is actually constructed.

By developing and implementing innovative production technologies, e.g. roller hemming, vision systems or laser welding technology, we are able to meet the increased demands placed on modern production technology.

Direct communication of all technical divisions involved in the implementation process along with the possibility of constructing the plant in our attached assembly halls are guarantees of quality and an on-schedule project workflow.

With our installation site teams, FFT ensures that concepts are implemented on time. For a smooth start of production.

Our customers include companies from the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and "white goods" industries.