Electrode Cap Changer

FFT Electrode Cap Changer

The electrode cap changer (EKW) enables used resistance spot welding electrode caps to be changed easily and automatically. The system is designed to take up as little space as possible, whilst providing maximum access for the robot. The electrode cap is released linearly by a wedge slider, and the released electrode caps fall into a collecting basket. The cap magazine is mounted so that it lines up with the cap changing tool, so there is no need to realign the welding gun.
For details of the different variants of our electrode cap changer click here.

Advantages of our electrode cap changer:

  • Cost savings as change causes no wear and tear on the electrode shaft
  • Compatibility with various shafts
  • Standard and special caps can be changed
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Fast change time
  • Caps can be changed while production is in progress
  • Increase in system availability and productivity
  • Simple programming of the change process
  • Tip dressing can be easily integrated, combined changer-dresser unit (WFK)

Electrode cap changer

Combined changer-dresser

Mobile electrode cap changer

Mobile electrode cap changer, high power

Mobile EKW, high power with tool change system

Our Electrode Cap Changer in action

All variants of our electrode cap changer:

EKWElectrode cap changer
M EKWMobile electrode cap changer
M EKW HKMobile electrode cap changer, high power
M EKW HK mit WWSMobile EKW, high power with tool change system
WFKCombined changer-dresser (WFK) (cooperation association FFT - SVS)

In addition to our standard products, we are also happy to work with you to find individual solutions that will meet your requirements exactly.

M-EKW from FFT

Mobile cap changing